Meet The Dream Team Behind SEO.Careers

One of the world’s leading search engine optimization experts has teamed up with a legend in the IT recruitment industry, Charles Floate, alongside the partnership of George Sunderland have created SEO.Careers – A new agency finding the best talent from the SEO and AI industries, and helping brands and agencies grow from within.

This unique collaboration aims to bridge the gap between cutting-edge SEO practices and the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, ensuring that companies are not just keeping pace with digital trends but are ahead of the curve.

SEO.Careers stands at the intersection of talent acquisition and industry innovation. By leveraging Charles Floate’s expertise in search engine optimization and George Sunderland’s deep connections within IT recruitment, the agency is uniquely positioned to identify and attract individuals in the prime of their careers and at the forefront of SEO and AI technologies. Their mission is to not only find the best talent but also to cultivate an ecosystem where this talent can thrive, innovate, and drive meaningful growth for their clients.

The agency’s approach is multifaceted, focusing on personalized matchmaking between talent and companies. They understand that the right fit goes beyond just skill sets—it’s also about aligning with a company’s culture, mission, and future goals. This personalized touch, combined with their deep industry knowledge, sets SEO.Careers apart from other digital marketing recruiters.

In addition to recruitment services, SEO.Careers will soon provide consulting to brands and agencies looking to refine their strategies and take their businesses to the next level. With AI and SEO becoming increasingly intertwined, this expertise is invaluable for companies aiming to leverage these technologies for growth and Charles has already built a reputation as one of the best SEO consultants in the world.

The vision is clear: To create a world where brands and agencies are not just participants in the digital age but are leaders in defining its direction. With SEO.Careers, the future of digital talent acquisition and strategy development looks brighter than ever!

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