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Welcome to seo.careers – Your Premier SEO Recruitment Partner

At seo.careers, we specialize in connecting businesses with top-tier SEO professionals to elevate their online presence. With a mission to bridge the gap between talent and success, we bring expertise, personalized service, and an extensive network to the forefront.

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Expertise Unmatched

Benefit from our team’s deep understanding of the SEO landscape, ensuring we match you with professionals who not only meet but exceed expectations.

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We believe in a personalized strategy, understanding your unique business needs to connect you with candidates aligned not just in skill but also in values.

Vast Network

Tap into our extensive network of SEO professionals, gaining access to a diverse and exceptional pool of global talent at the forefront of industry trends.

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Meet the architects of opportunity at seo.careers. Our dedicated team of SEO Recruiters and Subject Matter Experts are not just skilled in the art of talent acquisition but also leaders in the landscape of search engine optimization.

George Sunderland

Director & Founder

Charles Floate

Founder & SEO strategist

Jonty Massey

Senior Recruiter

Grace Regan

Senior Recruiter

Yudhish Puran

Creative Director


Our Happy Customers

When it comes to choosing the right recruitment company, we know how easy it is to get overwhelmed with the number.

Working At Nokia
George is part of a very professional recruitment company that selected a talented team for a new telecom company business. He is very dedicated and he has a very good knowledge in the Telco and IT area which makes his ability to identify the right candidates to the required skill sets for a certain position. He is communicating with me freely and continuously.
Istvan PalocziIstvan Paloczi
Solution Architect
Working At Nokia
George is extremely professional in researching client's requirements and finding suitable candidates for their vacancies. His ability in identifying candidates' skill sets and matching to the requirements is fantastic.
Majid Ghader
AI and Data Science Lead
Working At Nokia
George is the kind of recruiters that I as a Telecom professional would like to always work with. He reached out to me in a time when I was not looking for a job but with the quick introduction he gave me he convinced me to move forward and consider the job opportunity.
Omar Alassil
AI Leader. VP

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