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PHP/WordPress Developer Job Posting

PHP/WordPress Developer

Accounting/Finance WordPress Visualization Plugin

Location: Remote

Type: Project-Based (4-6 months with potential for full-time)

About the Role:

We're on the hunt for a skilled PHP Developer with a strong background in WordPress plugin development. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create an accounting/finance visualization plugin that aims to be the go-to dashboard for small business owners.


  • Develop an Alpha Plugin: Your first task is to develop an internal alpha version of the plugin within 4-6 months. This plugin will serve as the backbone for visualizing accounting and financial data, initially pulling data from QuickBooks to present it in easy-to-understand tables.
  • Design: While your primary focus is on functionality, we do need your design skills to ensure the plugin is visually appealing for internal use. Aesthetic enhancements will follow after the base functionality is established.
  • Future Development: Post-POC, you'll work on adding features such as real-time P&L visualization, forecasting, alerts based on specific triggers, and heatmaps of company expenses.
  • Compliance and Security: Ensuring the security and privacy of financial data is paramount. You should be knowledgeable in SOX Compliance and other relevant standards to develop a financial application that connects to sensitive information securely.


  • Proficient in PHP, WordPress, financial integrations; capable of secure, effective complex data integration.
  • Entrepreneurial, autonomous, proactive with feedback, drives projects independently.
  • Designs plugin architecture, suggests infrastructure solutions, familiar with AWS for data aggregation.
  • Engages with founders and team, sets and achieves milestones, thrives in fast-paced, impactful settings.

What's In It For You:

  • Project-Based with a Path to Full-Time: Starting on a project basis, there's potential to transition to a full-time role with equity consideration after 6 months based on the project's success and revenue targets.
  • Direct Impact: Your work will directly influence the operational success of small business owners, providing them with invaluable financial insights.
  • Growth Opportunity: This is a rare opportunity to be at the forefront of developing a solution that could scale, with the potential to extend into web and mobile applications.
  • Equity Opportunity: Upon the successful completion of the project there will be an opportunity to gain 1% equity in the business.
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