How to Start Your Career in SEO: A Beginners Guide

Landing a job in the search engine optimisation (SEO) industry is like unlocking a new level in your career game. It’s not just about understanding algorithms or being a keyword wizard; it’s about shaping a brand’s digital presence. But how do you get your foot in the door in this competitive field?

You’re in the right place if you’re eager to dive into the world of SEO. Whether you’re a complete newbie or someone with some experience, learning how to get a job in SEO requires a blend of skill, passion, and strategy. Let’s navigate the essentials to help you stand out and grab that dream job.

Understand the Requirements of an Entry-Level Search Engine Optimization Job

The requirements for an entry-level SEO job can vary depending on the employer. But having a basic understanding of SEO principles is a must. You need to be at least familiar with fundamental SEO concepts like keyword research, on-page optimisation, link building, and understanding how search engines work.

Part of the SEO basics is the ability to analyse website performance data and draw insights using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You can also include technique knowledge here, such as understanding HTML, CSS, and website structure.

Also, you must possess soft skills since you’ll be working for an organisation and with other people. 

For one, communicating effectively with team members and potentially with clients will be important. The capacity to think critically and solve problems as they arise in SEO campaigns will also be very useful since SEO is an ever-changing field.

Concerning this, a willingness to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and algorithm changes allows you to adapt to the updates and develop effective client strategies.

Immerse Yourself into the SEO Industry

If you truly want to get a job in SEO, you have to jump into the deep pool of SEO knowledge, starting with following authoritative blogs such as Search Engine Journal and Google’s Search Central Blog for the latest news and updates.

Also, following people on LinkedIn and X, like Charles Floate, Matt Diggity, Lily Ray, and others, lets you learn invaluable insights into basic and advanced SEO tactics that could significantly impact your strategies. Some may offer courses and mentoring opportunities, so jump into the chance of getting a copy or scheduling a call to fast-track your SEO learning.

Networking with seasoned professionals through Facebook groups like the SEO Signals Lab can provide a real-world perspective on what it takes to succeed. Engaging in these communities allows for exchanging ideas and can lead to mentorship opportunities or insights into the SEO job market.

Develop Core SEO Skills and Gain Practical Experience

Learning the latest and best Google search essentials is not enough–you must also implement them on your website. You can set up a free WordPress site, but hosting your own WordPress website is best, as it gives you more ways to optimise it for search engines.

Generating results from the techniques you’ve learned is your first step to attracting SEO jobs. These tactics range from technical SEO to content marketing and everything in between. 

Premium SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush offer competitive insights, keyword data, and link profile research so you can make informed decisions with your upcoming campaign. Use these tools to determine which keywords to target on your website and which ones to optimise your web pages to increase your chances of ranking.

Employing tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console is also paramount to your SEO success. These platforms offer insights into web performance and organic traffic, essential metrics for any SEO strategy. Use the gathered data here to tweak your 


If you can’t create your site, look for opportunities to volunteer your SEO services for local businesses or non-profits. They often require help with digital marketing but lack the resources to hire a full-time SEO professional. This provides you with invaluable experience and enriches your SEO portfolio, a critical asset when you’re on the job search. Speaking of which…

Build a Strong Portfolio

In this fiercely competitive field, showcasing your SEO projects and successes is your ticket to standing out. Use your own website to apply SEO strategies and a direct reflection of your capability to generate organic traffic. Document your process and results, highlighting keyword research, on-page SEO, and link building efforts.

You can also create a separate website to showcase your past and present work. Share your case studies of the tactics that worked and yielded positive results in organic search. Leverage the website to get testimonials from professionals you’ve worked and networked with through the years, which can serve as social proof to help you generate more SEO work.

Your portfolio should also reflect a continuous learning curve. Include certifications from SEO courses or attendance at SEO conferences to show your dedication to keeping up with the SEO industry. Engaging in SEO communities and contributing to blogs or forums on SEO-related topics can further augment your reputation as an emerging SEO professional.

Networking with SEO Professionals and Job Search Strategies

As mentioned, connecting with other SEO professionals through social media platforms such as LinkedIn and joining forums dedicated to digital marketing and SEO topics can open doors to opportunities not advertised publicly.

Attending SEO conferences and workshops is another brilliant move. These gatherings are golden opportunities to meet SEO experts and specialists face-to-face, exchange contacts, and discuss the latest trends and ranking factors influencing search engines. 

Your job search strategy should also include a targeted approach. Instead of applying for every SEO job, focus on positions that match your expertise, whether technical SEO, content marketing, or link building. 

Tailor your resume to highlight relevant SEO skills and experiences for each job title. Ensure to include any SEO courses you’ve taken or certifications you’ve earned to underscore your dedication and capability in the field.

Most importantly, keep refining your skills. The world of SEO is ever-evolving, so continuous learning and adapting your SEO strategies is crucial for staying ahead. Whether you aspire to become an SEO consultant for a top-tier SEO agency or kickstart an in-house SEO specialist career, positioning yourself as a knowledgeable and proactive candidate will make all the difference.

Jumpstart Your SEO Career with SEO.Careers

There are many SEO specialists in the market looking for employers who play to their strengths while offering the best compensation package. So, even if you’re already an SEO expert, you must find ways to rise up from the crowded and competitive world of SEO employment.

SEO.Careers is fully aware of this, which is why we can help connect you with an SEO company looking for your skill set and characteristics as a member of its SEO team. This way, you can contribute right out of the gate with your digital marketing skills.

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