Average SEO Salary Guide: How Much Should You Be Earning?

Embarking on a career in search engine optimisation (SEO)? You’re likely curious about what you can expect to earn. The world of SEO is dynamic and ever-evolving, making it a lucrative field for those who can adapt and rank websites on search engines. But just how much can you bank on making?

Understanding the average salary for some of the most popular SEO positions should help temper your expectations as you navigate your career path. Knowing the figures is crucial whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro looking to negotiate your next pay rise. We’ll also discuss ways to increase your salary as your skills and experience increase. Let’s begin!

Average SEO Salaries Across Different Levels

When you’re on a job search for SEO roles, understanding the average SEO salary can significantly influence your decision-making process. Salaries in the SEO field vary greatly depending on job title, experience, and location. In the UK, the salary range for SEO positions can reflect the diversity of the role itself, from the technical aspects of SEO to strategy and link building.

Entry-Level Positions

The average salary of an SEO executive or assistant is currently at £26,171. These roles often require a good understanding of digital marketing tools but do not necessarily demand extensive experience in SEO strategies or management.

Mid-Level Positions

The average salary for SEO specialists increases to reflect the additional responsibility and expertise required, along with the few years of experience with the job. They can expect to earn an average of £32,688. Experience in link building, Google Analytics, and the ability to manage various SEO projects can position you towards the higher end of this salary range.

Senior Positions

The expectations and salaries of an SEO Manager or Head of SEO rise substantially. With responsibilities including oversight of SEO strategies, management of SEO teams, and direct impact on a company’s search engine rankings and traffic, these roles command salaries that average £39,440. In larger cities like London, or for candidates with exceptional experience and a proven track record in driving SEO success, salaries can surpass £41,960.

Factors Influencing SEO Salaries

When delving into the realm of SEO jobs, it’s crucial to understand that many factors play a pivotal role in determining your potential earnings. SEO salaries are diverse, with certain elements significantly swaying how much you can expect to earn in this ever-evolving field.

Location Matters

As seen above, various UK locations exhibit stark differences in pay scales. It’s not uncommon to see a disparity in average salary figures when comparing positions in bustling city centres to those in rural or less populated regions.

Experience and Skills

Even if you’re an SEO specialist, you can’t expect to receive the same pay as other specialists, as it depends on the level of experience and the breadth of skill each of you have.

Experienced SEO specialists and managers with a proven track record of improving search engine rankings and crafting effective digital marketing strategies typically command higher wages. Proficiency in technical SEO, link building strategies, and familiarity with digital marketing tools like Google Analytics are highly valued.


Having a general sense of how SEO works will get your foot in the door of any company looking for SEO talent. But if you want to make headway with your SEO salary, you must focus on specialising in a specific SEO skill.

Content strategy and link building, for example, are highly valued SEO tasks that require distinct skills. Expertise in one of these areas can make you particularly valuable to agencies or businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

Tips for Maximising Your SEO Earning Potential

While there’s an average SEO salary based on your position, it doesn’t mean your salary should match the same amount. In fact, you must use the average salary to increase your own! Here are actionable tips to maximise your earnings in SEO roles and negotiate for an income that’s higher than the average.

Hone Your Technical Skills

The real test of your technical SEO skills and knowledge is what your campaign results show. If you worked for previous employers, break down how you increased their website’s organic traffic by discussing the tactics you used as part of their respective strategies.

If you didn’t have this opportunity with your past clients, build a test and implement the SEO skills you picked up along the way. Track and monitor the results, so you have veritable proof that you possess the necessary skills that can help organisations grow their online visibility.

Doing these things enables you to build a brand as well. Showcase your successes, such as traffic improvements or rankings boosts you’ve achieved for previous clients or companies. A well-documented track record can strengthen your negotiating position during the job search.

Expand Your SEO Services

Specialising in niche areas beyond traditional SEO like local SEO and e-commerce SEO can significantly boost your average salary. At the same time, develop skills like email marketing, social media, and PPC to complement your core SEO competencies. 

While companies value SEO talent with a particular specialisation, they also seek those who can wear multiple hats, making versatility a lucrative trait.

Leverage Your Location

Salaries can vary widely in different locations across the UK. SEO jobs in London, for example, often pay higher than those in other parts of England. If relocating is an option, conducting a salary search focused on various UK locations could unveil opportunities to increase your earnings.

Keep Evolving

The SEO landscape is ever-changing. Staying abreast of the latest strategies, Google updates, and industry trends is essential. Performance bonuses, promotions, and better job opportunities often go to those continuously updating their skills and knowledge.

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Once you’ve further developed your skills, it’s time to shop your CV around in the hopes of securing an SEO role at a company that will provide you with a platform to showcase your talents. However, this is easier said than done considering that not all SEO jobs pay the income you’re probably expecting.

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